Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A little time...

I am taking as much time as I possibly can to update "us." If it's long it's because I have mad typing skilz. LOL

Taylor: She's almost done with her Junior Year of High School.  She is looking forward to finishing up and getting her life goals started.  She wants to become a veterinarian, but as of yet has not decided what school she wants to attend.  Mom wants her to stay local, Dad thinks she should go to the best school she can anywhere around the world.  Mom is disappointed that Dad is not pressuring her to stay home a little longer. Dad thinks Mom is maybe a little too attached.  Taylor is planning to go on a Mission for the LDS faith.  She hopes to go to a foreign country, but has no preference.  Taylor is working with her siblings to create a "family" RPG world.  The idea's the four of them come up with are amazing.  Taylor's art teacher is highly impressed, she is about a week ahead of the other students and masters new tasks in days. They have been working on the human face; Eyes, ears, mouths, etc.

Jordan: She's doing great in school, as always. Last time we checked she is getting High Honor's, again.  She is bouncing back and forth on her career goals, but since she is in middle school still we will forgive her indecision.  We are planning to get her braces as soon as possible.  She got new glasses that she is okay with, but doesn't love. Everyone else thinks that she looks beautiful in them.  Jordan is writing a book, and is doing an amazing job. (I get to proof read it!)  She also loves shooting and hopes to one day compete, after more practice time.

Bailey: She is on honor roll, but is trying hard to make it to high honor's.  She just doesn't have the love of homework that Jordan does.  Out of the three girls Bailey has adjusted to Utah the best.  She has more friends than ever and loves to be social.  She wants to get back into dance, we were talking about hip-hop and break-dancing classes, she also wants to take some form of martial arts, for self-defense as well as self- discipline. Bailey likes to play Mine Craft with Madison, and enjoys working with Taylor creating their world.  Bailey has the most amazing sculpting abilities.  She takes a bit of clay and molds body parts in amazing detail and accuracy.  She uses google to find images of the anatomy of the body and uses those images to sculpt. Her Uncle Rick wants to take her to a foundry and have one of her sculptures cast into Bronze.  Bailey now wears glasses, which she loves!

Madison: He's also got wonderful grades.  He gets bored in school, we are hoping that this up coming year will get him a teacher that can keep him more stimulated.  Not being stimulated in school has not affected his grades. He has excellent grades, but being in elementary they don't have an honor's program.  Madison loves to play  Mine Craft and to play outside, or with his friends. He makes up the most wonderful stories, you can tell that most of them are based on Mine Craft and other video games.  Madison is working on building his own RPG world.  Madison needs glasses for one eye only, but that is just slight, so we are going to see how he is in a year and he will either need glasses for sure then, or not need them.

All four kids have the opportunity to learn how to horse back ride, and now have a new opportunity to learn jousting games on horse back.  They will learn archery, catching rings with a pole, jousting (not against a human), spear throwing, etc. It's a lot of fun.  Jason and I will also be learning, we hope to enter into a contest and win $$$!  We'll see though!

Jason is enjoying his job, his commuting group, and having a job in general.  His prescription is actually better than it was, and is thinking about getting contacts.  He is still writing and drawing, and is looking forward to doing more riding and learning the games.

We are all excited to go to California in June for Becky's 20th High School Reunion.  Becky's eye sight has somehow become 20/20 which is amazing! She loves volunteering with Pack N Pounce animals and running the thrift store that is the daily fundraiser for the Animal Rescue she volunteers with.

Well, that's all I have time for.  Time to get going on dishes, laundry and making non-alcohol Honey Mead for Jason.

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