Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A little time...

I am taking as much time as I possibly can to update "us." If it's long it's because I have mad typing skilz. LOL

Taylor: She's almost done with her Junior Year of High School.  She is looking forward to finishing up and getting her life goals started.  She wants to become a veterinarian, but as of yet has not decided what school she wants to attend.  Mom wants her to stay local, Dad thinks she should go to the best school she can anywhere around the world.  Mom is disappointed that Dad is not pressuring her to stay home a little longer. Dad thinks Mom is maybe a little too attached.  Taylor is planning to go on a Mission for the LDS faith.  She hopes to go to a foreign country, but has no preference.  Taylor is working with her siblings to create a "family" RPG world.  The idea's the four of them come up with are amazing.  Taylor's art teacher is highly impressed, she is about a week ahead of the other students and masters new tasks in days. They have been working on the human face; Eyes, ears, mouths, etc.

Jordan: She's doing great in school, as always. Last time we checked she is getting High Honor's, again.  She is bouncing back and forth on her career goals, but since she is in middle school still we will forgive her indecision.  We are planning to get her braces as soon as possible.  She got new glasses that she is okay with, but doesn't love. Everyone else thinks that she looks beautiful in them.  Jordan is writing a book, and is doing an amazing job. (I get to proof read it!)  She also loves shooting and hopes to one day compete, after more practice time.

Bailey: She is on honor roll, but is trying hard to make it to high honor's.  She just doesn't have the love of homework that Jordan does.  Out of the three girls Bailey has adjusted to Utah the best.  She has more friends than ever and loves to be social.  She wants to get back into dance, we were talking about hip-hop and break-dancing classes, she also wants to take some form of martial arts, for self-defense as well as self- discipline. Bailey likes to play Mine Craft with Madison, and enjoys working with Taylor creating their world.  Bailey has the most amazing sculpting abilities.  She takes a bit of clay and molds body parts in amazing detail and accuracy.  She uses google to find images of the anatomy of the body and uses those images to sculpt. Her Uncle Rick wants to take her to a foundry and have one of her sculptures cast into Bronze.  Bailey now wears glasses, which she loves!

Madison: He's also got wonderful grades.  He gets bored in school, we are hoping that this up coming year will get him a teacher that can keep him more stimulated.  Not being stimulated in school has not affected his grades. He has excellent grades, but being in elementary they don't have an honor's program.  Madison loves to play  Mine Craft and to play outside, or with his friends. He makes up the most wonderful stories, you can tell that most of them are based on Mine Craft and other video games.  Madison is working on building his own RPG world.  Madison needs glasses for one eye only, but that is just slight, so we are going to see how he is in a year and he will either need glasses for sure then, or not need them.

All four kids have the opportunity to learn how to horse back ride, and now have a new opportunity to learn jousting games on horse back.  They will learn archery, catching rings with a pole, jousting (not against a human), spear throwing, etc. It's a lot of fun.  Jason and I will also be learning, we hope to enter into a contest and win $$$!  We'll see though!

Jason is enjoying his job, his commuting group, and having a job in general.  His prescription is actually better than it was, and is thinking about getting contacts.  He is still writing and drawing, and is looking forward to doing more riding and learning the games.

We are all excited to go to California in June for Becky's 20th High School Reunion.  Becky's eye sight has somehow become 20/20 which is amazing! She loves volunteering with Pack N Pounce animals and running the thrift store that is the daily fundraiser for the Animal Rescue she volunteers with.

Well, that's all I have time for.  Time to get going on dishes, laundry and making non-alcohol Honey Mead for Jason.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dying, Death and Going Home

I was on Facebook and saw a post about my dear friend Suzie.  She has cancer.  And just a few days before my other friend came to visit me and informed me that she also has cancer. It got me to thinking about our lives and mortality, as I think these things always do.  It also made me realize that I have been lax in my duties as a friend to all my friends in Massachusetts and to those that have moved on to other places.  So to start I am posting on this blog to let people know that I have not forgotten them. I just let life get away from me.  And I didn't take time to stop and remember what is most important, which is the people in my life.

I don't want my friends to leave, but I'm grateful that they will be out of pain and with their Heavenly Father and families again. They will be happy then. And I will do my best to be happy for them. It's the right thing to do to think of their needs over my own.

Other stuff not related to the title:

I have started a book club in my ward. I have informed people of $3 date night at the cheap theater, and I have started a game night.  All these idea's are compliments of the wonderful women of the Ludlow Ward.  I miss you all very much.  I think of you every Tuesday as I participate in these activities. (I don't know what Jason thinks, I didn't ask him.)

I saw the most beautiful sunset, I couldn't get a picture of it though.  But imagine with me.  The horizon has tiny purple mountains, they appear to be 2" tall, but are in reality about 5000ft above sea level. Skimming to tops of the mountains is a shimmery red-orange light, with tiny touches of yellow, from the setting sun. And then above that purple clouds, puffy and thick, not promising a storm, but blue skies ahead.  It had to be the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.  I wish I had the ability to take that picture from my mind and put it on this blog.  Because it is more beautiful than words can say.

Another unrelated topic:

This is where I do adoptions on Sat. This kitty got adopted.
This is where I work. And a puppy that got adopted.

It's been too long!

I apologize for not posting in so very long of a time.  I have been very busy with many things and making time for the computer has not been one of the things I have been busy with.  So I will start with a quick update on everyone. Then my thoughts if I have time because I'm doing this instead of getting ready for work.

Taylor is under threat of suspension.  Her hair is currently blue and adorable.  And they can't have that in the schools here.  Her friends with gaged ears 2" around are not in trouble.  And I find that troubling.  She wears her hair short still, but it grows so fast that she needs another hair cut. Other than her hair issue, school is good, grades are fine.  She is excited to be able to go on her mission at 19.  She was so happy that she was bouncing from excitement!  She said, "Now, I don't have to wait to start my life!"

Jordan was also happy about women now being allowed to go at 19. She feels the same way as Taylor.  Jordan has straight A's as always.  She has decided to take all advanced classes in high school so she can graduate with an associates degree and get her bachelors paid for by the state. Because we have such a Mormon friendly state they will not hold her going on a mission against her schooling.  Because Jordan is on honor roll, the school does special things with the kids, so she is always getting to go to movies and other activities during school hours. Jordan has pink hair and her school doesn't care.

Bailey also has straight A's and is on honor roll.  She also gets to go with the honor students to fun activities and the movies.  She loves school.  Bailey is a ray of sunshine in everyone's life.  She wants to be a cheerleader, but she doesn't know how.  So now that Jason is working we are going to look into dance classes again for her. Bailey has blue and purple in her hair and her school doesn't care.

Madison is really the only one struggling in school.  It's not his grades, those are fine. He gets a bunch of numbers and the highest possible is 3.  He mostly get's 3's. I don't think they have the option of honor roll at his school.  The biggest problem Madison has is with bullies at school.  For some odd reason, he has a personality that other kids find fun to pick on.  Maybe because he's the baby of the family. I'm not sure.  But I am not allowed to go beat the kids up for him.  Jason says that it would only make it worse.  I want to get him a t-shirt that says, "My mom can beat up your dad." Now, whether I could or not is irrelevant. But you hurt my kid and I'm likely to try.

Jason finally found a job.  He got several offers for different positions at the same company.  I guess that's the Lord's way of saying, I want you to work HERE. He works for E-vault. If you listen to talk radio I'm sure you have heard their commercials on Hannity, Rush or Beck.  They are based out of San Francisco.  So our health care is from CA, which means great coverage, $0 deductibles,  and little cost to us! That number I don't remember, but I remember it being about half of what we paid in MA for less coverage and higher deductibles. Jason likes the job well enough. I don't think it's as intellectually challenging as he had hoped, but he is learning about Disaster Recovery which is his ultimate goal for his career. He will have opportunities to move from place to place in the company as he learns his job and does it well.  He is highly motivated to do a good job and move to the next stage of his DR training.

I am still at the animal rescue.  I have been working at the thrift store 3 days a week. A while back is was 6 days a week. That was too much.  Sometimes I think 3 days a week is too much.  But I get to help out and that is important.  My sister and her husband have really helped us out a lot.  They have taken us on vacations, bought us food, gas, a horse.  So I have to help her out to repay their generosity.  I also have to repay my mom for her generosity.   And put hardwood floors in the house we are renting for her.  Granted I am doing it because I hate carpeting, and with so many renters the carpeting is destroyed, so I am selfishly helping her out.  And finally Jason's parents have been amazingly generous.  And I don't know how to repay them yet.  But we will find a way!  I also take home foster pets. I have only one at the moment. But a few weeks ago I brought home 7! We were going to adoptions the next day, so it was only one night.  But it was fun.  There is always one dog that I find that I want to fall in love with.  And I'm always so glad when they get a good home.

Jason's sister and her family, as well as his parents are coming for a visit in July.  We are so excited!  It's hard to be able to do everything you want in just one week though.  We have already started making lists of things that we want to accomplish while they are here.  Some of us are going to get our concealed carry licenses.  Which means I have to finally get around to getting my Utah's Drivers License!  We are also wanting to take the kids horse back riding. Antelope Island is beautiful. And of course, there is that one spot in Utah that is the most photographed spot in the world because of it's beauty. The geo-beds, Topaz mountain, jet skiing, Park City and so much more!

In June is my high school reunion.  It's the first one for me to attend.  We are going on a cruise in the San Fran Bay, if enough people buy reservations.  We are taking the kids to California to spend time with their grandparents, because they know how awesome Jason's side of the family is.  They know their genealogy and how cool that side of the family is.  Now it's time they learn about my side.  And hopefully they will remember enough to tell me about it too!  I haven't heard these stories because many of them are new to my parents.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kid 3.0's Post

Hey! This is Bailey, aka 3.0 (I was born third). tons of time has passed, for instance, it's now August 13, 2012. School went out months ago!
 Sorry about the post quality, it's 11:27 pm and my mom, the usual blogger, is trying to sleep.

This picture has nothing to do with this topic, the post just looks bland without it:) and guess who it is?!
One of the exciting things that happened this summer was we went out to California to visit my mom's parents, my Gramma and Grandpa. We stayed over their house for a few days along with some cousins. My mom has 10 siblings but not all of them have kids. Some places we went were the MYSTERY SPOT and Coast Redwood California. The Redwood place was awesome! When we were going to leave, my Uncle Steve said one of us (the kids) could ride with him on his Harley! Madison, 4.0, ended up riding with him. Some how we got separated, and Uncle Steve and Madi went on the other side of the park! Still, it was a lot of fun! Some trees we saw were from the dinosaur age! some others you could stand inside! One tree was hollow all the to the top, I mean you could seriously look strait up and see the sky! the trunk could even actually fit the entire family inside it! Sadly, Madison missed it. But he saw the trees that cars drove through!!
It was tons of fun!!
Also in California, there was the MYSTERY SPOT!! There, there was this shed that slid down the hill and was completely crooked! Not only that, but your compass went haywire and pointed north in the wrong spot. Plus, EVERYONE WAS STANDING CROOKED!! My mom has pictures in her camera, but I don't.

Another random picture for spice, LIGHTNING!!!
I'd draw a picture, but the comp.'s paint sucks (as in I suck at drawing on my comp.) so I'll just explain some of it. in the shed, you can lean over the edge of the table safely, hang crookedly, and walk up the wall(actually there was this ladder...) and you can do the matrix! Awesomeness!!!! 
there was also a boardwalk at CA, too! We went swimming at the beach, which scored us a lifetime goal, 
Awesomeness, right?
The rest of the summer was swimming in the new pool (score!)and being totally LAZY!! Not appreciated by the rest of the family FYI, so Some summer cleaning was added for some spice. I say, the soup of life had too much of that seasoning(I wish there was a little less summer cleaning). Sadly, I left my bike out in the carport and it got stolen!! Sadness!!!! We reported it to the police, and I'm left wondering if I'll ever get it back.Waaa!!:(. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We had a great time at Topaz Mountain for Easter!  We collected Apache Tears, Obsidion, Topaz and geodes! And I think Fluorite, it's a really pretty purple rock.

This is a kiln from the 1800's

From left to right: Bailey, Jason, Madison, Jordan, Taylor and Brandy

A mining shoot of some sort.

On top of the hill.  

It's a good 30-40 feet up

Desert scape

This was really high up, like 100ft, give or take.

Here we dug for geodes



We really had a lot of fun.  Spending time together, climbing over rocks and hills, and mountains!  I will have to take some pictures of out cache so you will see the kool stuff we found!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sundance Film Festival


If you don't know what Sundance Film Festival is I'm going to give you a very brief explanation.

A bunch of people who have artistic talent of some kind, throw together, or get huge fund to make, a movie.  They try it out at a local film contest.  Those that win go to Sundance.  Two movies that I know of that didn't make the cut were Cathedral Pines and Turkey Bowl.  But no one cares about those movies.

The movies at Sundance are supposed to be the cream of the crop.  Already having gone through the judging process, they should have substance, cohesiveness, and a theme that many find interesting.

All this I already knew.  What I didn't know is that the movies are shown in theaters all over the place.  Mostly in Park City, UT and Salt lake City, UT.  But I know of at least one in Ogden, UT.  So it is actually very difficult to see every movie showing.  It also lasts for 10 days, so there is plenty of time to see plenty of movies.

So far we have gone two days and  seen one famous person at the table next to us at the restaurant and spoke to a few after the movie.  We also got to go to an art gallery with amazingly talented artists showing their work.  At least one artist was present, who we got pictures with and got to spend quite a bit of time talking to.  Very nice gentleman, and extremely talented.  I will have to write down his name and google him so that when I post pictures you will know who he is.

Pictures will be coming soon!  As well as my movie reviews for Robot and Frank, Where Do We Go Now?, and Excision.  And possibly more over the next 10 days.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's being going on out here...

So I want to give a quick synopsis of what we have done since the move. 

August- we drove out. This is covered in another blog post.

September- The kids started school.  They quickly made friends, and when I say quickly I mean very slowly.  Bailey and Madison wasn't too bad, it was with in the first week they had a group of playmates.  Taylor and Jordan it took 2-3 weeks to figure out where they fit in.  Which makes total sense. 

October- We were the only family on the block that decorated for Halloween.  Very few kids came to the door, even though the neighborhood is filled with families.  One house had a guy who was exposing himself to the kids.  I was going to call the police, but no one remembered which house it was. }:-(  The kids started to have friends come over to the house and spend the night.

November- Madison mooned another kid.  Jason thought it was funny.  The other kid's parent did not.  Madison can no longer play with that boy.  And we found out that there are two bullies that pick on Madison.  One is in middle school, the other is in the same grade but another classroom.  We have spoken to the school.  They are watching the boy in the same grade, but there is nothing they can do about the other kid, because it is on the way home that he see's Madison. 

December- we had to put a lock on our fence.  Someone kept opening the fence and letting the dogs out.  If the dogs got picked up by Animal Control we would be in trouble and get fined. 

We had a great Christmas!  So many people were so sweet to us!  We had a lot of help from family, friends, church and the school!  The kids didn't get anything like i-pods, computers or video games.  But they got clothes, boardgames, books and other stuff they just loved everything!  And really appreciated that they got anything at all. Because J and I are mean, we kept telling them that they weren't getting anything because we didn't have the money!  Hahaha! 

We went to temple square, which i blogged about already.  We also went to Ogden and saw the Christmas villages.  We got Bailey and Madison light up toys for $1 and $2, which would have been a minimum of $5 in MA.  And we got candy for Jordan, $1.50 UT ($6 MA), and Taylor wanted nothing.  We did get cookies and Hot Cocoa, which was $1 each. Depending on where you are in MA it would be the same or less expensive. Seeing the lights was free, and they had live music for free as well.  So total we spent, $14.50.  About the same as if we went to Bright Nights in Springfield, without getting hot cocoa, cookies or souvenirs.  (I have loving how the dollar stretches out here!  It feels like I can do more as a family, without feeling like we have to cut back on other things)

January- The month has just started, but it feels like we have yet to stop!  During the kids vacation, December thru January, I was working 8-10hr a day 6 days a week.  So J got to be home and spend time with the kids.  And it was no fun for me. I am back to volunteering, but now it is only 3 days a week!  Whew! 

We are getting another dog.  He is a Cocker Spaniel, all black, just a tiny bit of brown on his paws.  I'm sure one of his parents had black & tan in him.  He was kept in a garage for the 1st year of his life.  And he is another great dog, who's owner is moving so can't keep him.  It's like his story mirror's Lady's.  His name is Hem.  I think we'll call him Hemi for short.  We are going to DNA test him, if all goes well and his DNA is good we'll get his papers and breed him with Lady in the spring.

Jordan's birthday is this month.  We are going to have pizza and cake at the house, then head over to the Nickelcade.  It's an arcade that takes nickels! (Guess you could have guessed that on your own!)  You pay $2 (or less) to get in, then trade your dollars for nickels and then go crazy!  We spend hours there when we go.  We took the kids once and J and I went once for a date night!  It's so much fun because the have all the games from when I was a kid, some from when J was a kid, and some even older!

I am going to have to get some pictures posted.  Some from the nickelcade and some from the Christmas Village.  I don't have any of the Nickelcade so i guess we are going to have to make a trip! ;)